Simplest and safest way to divide your hard drive.

Watch this video to learn the easiest way to create or divide your hard drives into volumes or partitions.

Find the cmd codes and steps used below.

  • Windows key + R.
  • Type “Diskpart” and press Enter
  • Type “List Disk” and press Enter
  • Select the disk you want to shrink or divide “Select disk(enter disk number)” and press enter
  • Type “List volume” and press enter
  • Select the volume you want to shrink or divide “Select Volume (enter volume number)” and press enter
  • Type “Shrink desire=(enter the desired amount of space you want in MB conversion). and press enter
  • Type “Create partition primary” and press enter
  • Type ” Format fs=ntfs label=(name your new space) quick” and press enter
  • Type ” assign” and press enter.
  • Congratulation. You’re done.
  • Watch the video to follow up with the second Tutorial..

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